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In-Office Training

*Pricing available upon request

Be prepared at your first visit to spend about an hour and half. This will allow for an initial assessment and opportunity for you to ask questions about Neurofeedback. Each session is approximately 34-minutes in length.  We offer earbuds upon request.  During your session you can relax or meditate while listening to soothing music. Use of your mobile device is acceptable too.

In-Office + 1

*Pricing available upon request

*Coming Soon!
How about having a brain spa day! Invite your loved one, family member, child, or co-worker.  Enjoy the company of another while you both experience optimizing your brain together.

Rental Systems

Best Value

If coming to the office, or only having one session a week seems to be holding back your brains potential, then maybe renting a system for your home is the way to go.  Unlimited sessions included in a one-month rental are available.  Included in your rental is a complete and comprehensive appointment to help you learn the hooking up of the sensors and running of the session.

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